Purchase PaperWork Needed


Congratulations on you new home loan inquiry, lets make it a reality, our Team needs the following immediately:

  • Save a lot of time: Complete online application, SSL Secured:  https://www.secureloandocs.com/app/63446402/15905/
  • Borrower(s) authorization form, sign and return - this will be emailed to you directly
  • Credit card authorization form, sign and return, our company's cost is your cost for the credit report. A copy will be emailed to you for your records if you wish.
  • The borrowers & credit card authorization forms can be signed, scanned and emailed to info@semperfin.com or faxed to 877-785-2684 (no cover fax page is needed, comes to and e-fax and put into your file)


  • Tax returns,  "all the pages & schedules you filed"...the year 2018 and 2019
  • W2's forms from 2018 & 2019
  • Last 30days of paystubs
  • Self employed is defined as ownership of 25% or more in a business, if this is the case, business license, biusiness tax returns & certified profit and loss statement is needed.


  • 2months bank statements, "all pages even if they are blank"
  • Most Recent Retirement account statement
  • Show two months of statements where the down payment is coming from, even if it is a gift from a relative, it must be traced from its source

Property Information:

  • Purchase contract, all pages
  • Title & Escrow contact information, name, phone & escrow #
  • Homeowners insurance, company name and phone of agent of who you use for your insurance needs
  • If there is an HOA we need company name, phone and anticipated monthly due payments
  • Any other property you own, mortgage coupons, insurance information is needed and HOA information (if applicable)
  • SOLAR PANELS if there are solar panels, need the monthly payment if your taking over the lease, solar panels effect title...have seller provide "any and all" paper work regarding solar panels 

Note: Please take the following advice, when applying for a mortgage loan with our company, do not open any new accounts until process is complete. New car loans, credit cards being opened, furniture or even yacht loans "will" change terms of an anticipated loan approval or even cause denial of your loan application.