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Entrepreneurs & Sales Reps

We are a unique bunch, we plan our days and work our plans. We expect no one to do it for us because we have learned no one will. We only have so many times around the sun, so if you have ever had an interest in residential & commercial real estate, mortgage loans, private money loans etc...text 951-227-0493 Entrepreneur or Sales Rep, we will go over what you currently do & how it could "cross-sell" adding another port of revenue for you.

The founder of Semper Financial is an Entrepreneur/Business Owner/Sales Rep over 30 years...it will be a very "dumb-down" conversation on where all the money is created in real estate and mortgage loans and  how you and all of yours can benefit. 

Email:  semperhelps@gmail.com a copy of your resume and we will respond.

Or text 951-227-0493 put Semper Opportunities along with you email, we will reply...